Why can't I reserve a court?

There may be several reasons why you can't reserve a court:

  1. Are you logged in? In order to reserve a court you must be logged into the system with your user name and password. If you look at the top right corner of the screen and it has** Visitor Mode ** then you are not logged in.
  2. Are you trying to reserve a court in the future? Your administrator has established a limit of 14 days in advance. Trying to reserve more days than that in the future is not allowed.

FAQ #1

Are rackets available?

We do have pickleball equipment available to borrow from the front desk. The racquets will be loaned out in two hour increments. The latest that they will be loaned out is two hours before the closing of the RCC. There will be no overnight lending of this equipment. Members will be required to sign out the equipment by leaving their drivers license, as they will be charged for lost, stolen or damaged equipment.